V For Vendetta Themes

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V for Vendetta an in-depth analysis
Paul Eggington
Vanguard University

V for Vendetta has been a work in progress since its first publish of the comic in 1982. It has been considered the brainchild of Alan Moore, who is now considered one of the greatest comic book writers of all time. In 2005 the comic was adapted into a feature length film highlighting the importance of liberty, individual choice, freedom, and the damage a totalitarian government can have on its people. V for Vendetta takes a very strong political stance against fascism and the totalitarian government that has taken over modern day England. The film ties in perfectly with current politics and culture attitudes in the United States. The film use
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V for Vendetta, is know as the brainchild of Alan Moore, and was in publication from March 1982 to May 1989. The film puts its main focus on a terrorist who is set out to destroy the fascist government that is a future England. The film sets out to make liberty, freedom, and individual freedom as its main purpose points. What makes this film amazing is how this film being over a decade old and it is still relatable to the modern political and cultural environment of the world. It is able to do this by uniting all the themes under the Guy Fawkes mask. The Guy Fawkes has a long history that dates back to 1605 with the failed Gunpowder Plot. It is now currently used for protest and the what the power of revolt can do. The internet terrorist group Anonymous also uses it as its symbol of protest through mass DDOS attacks and the liberation of the internet. V for Vendetta has changed the way the world protests, politically and socially, by giving people one symbol to show their …show more content…
Alan Moore believed that ‘when you’re talking about the future, you’re actually talking about the present.’ V gives this speech on the emergency channel as wake up call to the populace of England. V tells the citizens to take responsibility for the policies and letting a totalitarian government take control of their country. He also tells the people to take control of the situation and stand up for the liberties and human rights. After the passing of the Patriot Act, American citizens privacy were violated and creates a direct parallel to the film. From the beginning of the film the Norsefire party aimed at instilling fear and being repressive to its citizens. The film starts with Evey leaving her apartment when 3 corrupt police officers attempt to rape her because she was past curfew. The film further delves into spreading that the government is repressing their people by filming most of the movie underground in tight areas and uncomfortable, tight, and cramped areas. Most of the film is also made up of close up shots and medium shots. There is a parallel between the government and the frame the film puts itself in where the characters are being forced into tight situations where there is very little breathing room. In the movie V for Vendetta Evey is the character that the audience feels like it can relate to. Evey has been