Vaccine Essay 1

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Most people in our world today want what is best for themselves as well as the ones that they love and care about. This is the reason I wonder why there are millions of adults that do not realize that they need to protect themselves as well as their children from vaccine- preventable diseases which are still out there and have not gone away. There are many reasons why you should vaccinate, such as the fact that it will also save your family time and money. It is time for Americans to wake up and become more aware of the necessity of vaccines and their importance to future generations.
Parents can save their children's lives by vaccinating them. Medical science has developed and advanced over the last few decades and because of this you can now have protection against most if not all diseases. Diseases that have had severe impacts on the lives of thousands of children have been wiped out and other diseases are right behind them. This is due to safe and very effective vaccinations. There is proof from the past of how they work. Polio for example was at one time a very scary disease in the United States, since it caused many deaths and cases of paralysis. This disease has virtually been eliminated today all thanks to vaccines and there are zero reports of polio in America today.
Contrary to believe of silly rumors, vaccines are effective and safe. Only after long and careful review by professionals can vaccines then be given to children. Vaccines are known to cause mild discomfort and some pain, redness of the skin, and tenderness when injected; but this is way less than what comes from the disease you are preventing. Side effects that come after vaccinations are rare and the benefits of being vaccinated are a lot greater than the possible side effects for almost all kids.
Don't be selfish, think of other people you're helping out in the long run when immunizing. Many kids still get diseases that can be prevented with vaccines. Statistics show that cases of measles and pertussis have been