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Should parents avoid vaccinating? Is it effective? Is it practical? Every day parents are risking the health and well being of their children by allowing doctors to inject them with vaccines because government and health officials say vaccines are safe. If vaccines are so safe, then why are so many children and infants developing life-altering and life-threatening diseases and illnesses after they receive them? This paper will give an insight as to how vaccines came about and what they contain. Also, tell the reader about the government manipulating parents into vaccinating children, for the sake of the government's bank account . Furthermore, expose the dangers that are within the vaccines.
Background Information In 1796 when Edward Jenner became recognized as being the first person to use cow pox material to create the smallpox vaccine, no one could have predicted just how far vaccines would go. Now in 2013 children receive around twenty-one injections for fourteen different viruses and diseases before they enter kindergarten. Most of the vaccines are given in infancy. Chickenpox, polio, rotavirus, and DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) are just a few of the viruses and diseases children are vaccinated against. A lot of parents are now questioning the number of vaccines the government is pushing on children. Vaccines were created to help our bodies build immunities to life-threatening viruses and diseases. The vaccines contain weakened or killed versions of the virus they are prepping our bodies to fight. Vaccines also contain chemicals, like thimerosal (a mercury-based additive), and parts from animals, like renal cells from monkeys. How effective can vaccines be, when the contents contained in them are known to be harmful to the body? If anything, they are causing more problems than they are solving.
The Freedom of Choice As eye-opening didactic information about vaccines and the possible side-effects is becoming available to the public, more parents are choosing to stall vaccines, get the ones they feel are important, or not get them at all. College-educated, middle-class people make up the majority of parents who choose not to vaccinate because they have done their research and are aware of the effects. Other people such as libertarians (people who believe in personal freedom while maintaining person responsibility) choose not to vaccinate because they feel the government uses vaccines to gain more authority over citizens. The government is not happy about parents making their own decisions when it comes to the health of the children. In fact, the government is trying to take away the parent's volition by making vaccines mandatory for all infants and children. Parents should have the right to say what goes into their children's bodies, not government officials, healthcare officials, or pharmaceutical companies, yet these officials continue to influence parents. However, if parents were to research how all these agencies and companies were connected, the parents would find out there is a financial obligation between the parties. These agencies and companies are making billions of dollars every year by naive parents who have their children vaccinated. As long as the people involved in the creation and distribution of vaccines are making money, they could care less about what may happen to children who receive vaccinations. Parents need to realize what is going on around them and stop inoculating their children.
Over the years, most would think that the scientists who are responsible for creating the vaccines, would have made these vaccines safer, but children are still forced to languish even though the CDC insists that vaccines are not the cause of these