Vagina and Missionary Spoon Possition Essay

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Imagine #1-5 For Harry

#Imagine # 2 You And Harry Are Going To The Gym. When You Arrive You Go Straight To A Machine That You Get On Your Knees And Pull . Harry Got Excided When You Where Using The Machine , He Ran Over Grabbed You By Your Hand And You Both Started Running , You Asked Where You Where Going . He Said “ It’s a Secrete “ You Guys Continued To Run . He Came To A Stop Their You Both Stood Infront Of The Family Bathrooms . You Both Looked At Eachother And He Winked . You Guys Went In . He Said Don’t Say A Word . You Guys Started To Kiss He Slowly Went Down And Started To Unbotton Your Pant’s You Helped . Now That Your Pants Where Off He Took His Pants Off And Of Course You Helped . He Took His Shirt Off You Couldn’t Wait So You Took All Your Clothes Off He Seen How Much You Wanted It So He Immidatly Took All Of His Clothes Off , You Started To Kiss More He Rubbed His Hands Down Your Back To Your Bum And Then To Your Vagina He Put 2 Fingers In And Started To Go In And Out , Then He Got Down And Started Licking As He Was Still Fingering You . After About 5 Minutes Of No Stop Licking You Couldn’t Wait For Him Because You Wanted His Cock So Bad You Told His To Stop So He Did Then You Layed Him On The Floor And Got On top He Soon Took His Penis And Put It Inside You , He Took It Out And Started To Tease You By Rubbing His Penis Acrost Your Vagina , You Let Out A Yelp “ Harry Put It In Im Begging You” So Harry Did What You Wanted He Put It In You Let Out A Loud