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Establish Networks


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Rodrigo Cursino Manczyk

Chapter 1 – Develop and Maintain Business Networks

1.1 Available Networks In my last job I worked for the Campinas City Council (CCC), in the Department of International Affairs. Our main objective is to attract international investment and build foreign alliances. City Councils, Consulates, Embassies, Professional Associations, Private Organisations and other Governmental Institutions are part of our network, those contacts were build through events, seminars, meetings and business trips, which gave us opportunities to keep expanding our networks and consequentially, achieve our goals.

1.2 Network Strategies In order to develop our international network here in Australia, we plan to attend network events, conferences and to follow up with our new contact by emails and by having regular lunches or coffee with them. By doing so, we expect to form new alliances, to understand the needs of potential Australian partners and to widen the circle of business opportunities.

1.3 The Importance of those Strategies Through attending network events and conferences we can both promote the opportunities in the region of Campinas and get the attention from possible key contacts in Australia. The exchange of e-mails and informal meetings such as lunches and coffees are important strategies to build a strong relationship in business between the local government in Brazil and the contacts in this country.

1.4 Skills Requirements Creating and maintaining a netwok is not an easy task, to be able to do that effectively, we need some required skills such as good communication to speak, listen and a positive body language, also be friendly. In addition to that we need to promote ourselves and our goals to make people interested to learn more about it.
1.5 Managing the Information We will exchange business cards and information with other participants. We will then create a database where we can keep record of all relevant information. It is crucial that we share this information with all colleagues in the CCC through shared/public files.

1.6 The Importance of the Information Management We will do so by keeping this database in a shared file, so everyone can be informed of any updates and input their own updates in this document. Regular meetings will also be conducted to share and discuss this information. It is important that all colleagues are up to date, so they do not feel isolated and everyone can update the file with contacts they have personally made on behalf of the team.

1.7 Creating my Network 1.7.1 Network Event This is an effective way to meet new people from different organisations and institutions and start a business relationship. An example of that, is the network event that I attended. In this event I managed to talk with almost ten people from different companies and sectors and also from different countries and backgrounds. With this experience I exchanged business cards and kept in contact with them after the event. Some of the contacts that I made can be found at the Chapter 3.

1.7.2 Linked In Linked In is a social network website but it is focused on business. People registered on this website can communicate with people from different sectors and countries allowing them to find new customers, suppliers or even partners. If you are connected with someone you be connected with their contacts as well, which makes your network wider.

1.7.3 Business Meetings The business meetings are one the most effective ways to build a good relationship with your network. In my life I already attended formal and informal meetings they are different but equally important.

Chapter 2 – Establish and Maintain Business Relationships

2.1 My Professional Contacts For this