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Value Added food Recipe: French Crepes
French Crepes are kinds of very thin pancakes which are mainly made from wheat flour. There are several products that are used in making the French Crepes, they include the following shifted wheat flour, fresh milk, eggs, butter, salt, fruit preserves and water. The tools used are the mixing bowls, pans and spoons.
Costs of production
According to the harmonized prices from different sources, a 5bl packet of organic shifted wheat flour goes for $8 in most groceries, a gallon of milk goes at $2.78 while a dozen of eggs goes at $2. Butter on the other hand will cost $.2.85 per pound while the fruit preserves box that contains four bottles goes at $5. Salt on the other hand cost $0.15 per packet. Other costs include the labor, rent and selling costs. The labor will cost $30 for a day, the rent will accrue $ 90 per month. The selling cost will therefore be $4 per dozen French Crepes. However the cost of production is likely to increase in the near future as the prices of inputs such as eggs and milk are set to rise, (CBN, 2015). The cost of production will be depending on the changes in the market value of the inputs as already manifested by the changes in the costs of eggs and milk.
Uniqueness of the product These pancakes will be made of high quality organic shifted flour and sold at favorable prices. The French Crepe Joint will also provide the make to order options for customers that are in need of customized French Crepes. These crepes will be marketed as organic for it will use organic eggs, salts and even fruit preservatives. This will make it appeal more to the health sensitive consumers. The product will also incorporate customized aspects based on the customers’ orders; the customers will be allowed to describe the finer details and touches that they would like to be added to their pancakes. Making them customer designed will enhance their uniqueness.
This business will be done on a small scale and as such only moderate marketing initiative will be put in place. In the promotion for instance, the products will be promoted mainly through the social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. The many users in the social media will provide an immediate market for the business. We will be sharing pictures of our pancakes and out eating joint so as to prompt many people to come and taste our products. A marketing blog will also be created from where the products will be advertised. Posters and leaflets will also be used.
In terms of product placement, our products will be mainly sold from the established French Crepe Joint. In the initial phase we will be using the direct channels where the customers will directly buy from us. This will enable us to get customer feedback and make necessary changes before expanding our distribution channels to supermarkets other groceries. In the midterm initiative small shops and nearby kiosks will be used in the distribution of the crepes. Pricing of the product will be reached at after taking into account the total costs of production and the projected profits. However, since the business is new penetrative pricing strategy will be adopted so as to attract the consumers to the business, then with time we will adopt the cost based approach to pricing. Based on these considerations French Crepe will be sold in bunches of 6 at $3.00 while a dozen of