Essay about Value Of Life

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October 16, 2013
Free Write: The Value of Life
There are very few things in today’s modern world that I would exert my passion into fighting for, but of those few things that I would fight for, I believe spiritual freedom is easily the most valuable. I would fight for the freedom and serenity of mind to be myself around anybody. Too many people give that up. I believe in doing the right thing. I believe in having freedom, and even more so, having control. Some days it’s a pain to have someone telling me what to do, even though I know there are many people out there who are good hearted, and only wish to help me. One thing that I would fight against would definitely be negativity, especially in the form of laziness. Someone who claims to have all the answers, but no logic or proof. Along with a plethora of master plans that are thirsty for reasoning. I’d never submit my rights to that person, or that majority group. I want to live my life to the fullest and become as creative as possible, which is why I fight to keep myself surrounded by positivity. Lastly, I will fight to the death to challenge myself daily. Challenge myself every single moment not to become complacent, and to never think too highly of myself. Challenge myself every day to never be comfortable. I believe in order to fully grasp the fruits of life, a person must have the guts to be naïve just as much as he or she must be savvy. I know there are billions of things in this world that I have yet to see,