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Value of Life
Carolyn Tilley
LeTourneau University

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William Carroll
December 16, 2012 2
Value of Life Society has tried to place a monetary value on life, and life should be valued by how we live our lives, how happy and relationships that we acquire throughout our lives. Money cannot buy love, so why do we put so much stress on money, we have the average Joe that is just happy with the way they live their lives. As we journey through this thing we call life, the majority of people see life differently, because we all are traveling along different paths in our lives. We all are on the same journey, but we are traveling down our own paths and experiencing our own obstacles; and it is also up to us to decide which path we want to take in life. Why do some people tend to take life for granted? Because they feel that they are worthless and have nothing to gain, and not only that some feel that they are invincible and can live forever. People tend to put value on life with their emotions, especially when they are placing value on the ones they love. As we get older our views on the value of our lives tend to change with society. The things that use to be important to us when we were younger become null and void as we age. We