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Value of Truth

Many people believe that honesty is one of the most important characteristics of a person because it affects their images. In elementary school, teachers always teach children to tell the truth, but the controversial issue is that adults are more likely to tell lies than children are. Telling lies include white lies seems to go against the moralities that we teach children. Therefore, telling the truth is necessary, even if it is a white lie because it affects relationship, reputation and the right to know the truth.
Firstly, telling the truth in a relationship such as friendship or partnership is very important because it can tell whether that relationship lasts long or not. People tend to make friends with the person they believe, since it is the basic demand of a relationship. Sometimes, telling the truth can hurt other people’s feelings, but it is better to tell the truth than a lie. For instance, girls usually go shopping together and give each other advice about whether their friends look good on some outfits. When one girl really likes a dress that isn’t suitable to her, some of her friends say it’s nice and the others disagree. That disagreement may hurt her feeling at that time, but it helps her to be more pretty later. After she figures out the truth, she may like to go with friends who usually tell the truth, even if it hurts her, but it’s useful. The truth maybe hurts our feelings at first, but it aims to the fact that would be good for us. Thus, telling the truth is one of the keys to keep a relationship.
One more reason for always telling the truth is that it affects a person’s reputation. Once a person tells a lie, and then everybody knows that. People tend to think about what he is saying to evaluate its liability because he is doubtful. No one can believe a person who always tells lies to them. A fairy tale about a little child told a lie to his village that wolves came to eat their sheep. Then, everyone knew he was not telling truth, so at the third time no one in his village listened to what he said. This demonstrates that if people lose other people’s faith, it’s impossible to have it again. In addition, because of a bad reputation, people may lose many opportunities in the workforce. A company wouldn’t give an employee who always tell lies an important project. Moreover, it’s hard for them to get a promotion because of their attitude. Thus, honesty is one of the ways people looking at the value of a person.
Last but not least, everybody has their right to know about the truth that relates to them or their family. Many people say that a white lie is different from other lies because it reduces the harm. As long