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My Brand

When People ask me what my strengths and weaknesses are, I do not always know what to say. However, now that I am getting closer and closer to job searching I realize the importance of building my own personal brand. However in order to do this I need to figure out what values are the most important to me when looking for a job. The five values that are most important for me to successfully utilize my strengths and weaknesses are; commute, employee benefits, minimize stress, location and profit/gain. These five values will be the determining factors for me when I start my job search. Commute is very important when looking for a job. The type of transportation used and how long the transportation goes too and from work is very important to a work-day. My slogan is always wake-up with a positive attitude. The commute in the morning can ultimately make or break a work-day mentally. It is very important to maintain a positive attitude even if traffic occurs or a bus or train is running late. I do not think that taking a train or a bus is the type of transportation that should be used to get to and from work even though it is the most economically buyable way. It is hard for me to get positive vibes from that type of environment. My commute needs to be in my car, so that I can prepare myself for what I need to do for the day, and gather my thoughts while driving. The car is the first place that should have positive climate. “The term positive climate refers to a work environment in which positive emotions predominate over negative emotions. People with optimistic attitudes and cheerful attitudes are typical of a positive climate”(Cameron p.25). Cameron’s theory can also be used in the car. It is important to associate with positive things. For example, when I get into my car, I put on Mike and Mike in the morning ESPN radio. The radio station is what drives my positive attitude. Some people like to listen to the news and some people like to listen to music. It is important to establish a daily routine to gather in positive vibes before work. The drive home should be very similar because it can cause more stress. One of the worst things in the world is after a long day of work I have to sit in a long ride of traffic on the way home. Kim Cameron says, “Enabling positive emotions fosters a positive climate that, in turn, generates upward spirals towards optimal functioning and enhanced performance” (p.27). The key to a commute is to get into a rhythm of positive climate. I believe a good commute is a key when job searching and ultimately fits in well with my strengths and weaknesses. Employee Benefits are a must have when looking for a job. I enjoy a comprehensive insurance, and other benefits package that meets my personal and family needs. When a company gives benefits, they are showing trust and belief that the job can and will be done successfully without worries. I think that trust should be an instant marriage between employee and company. The benefits also insure that my family and I will get the proper medical care needed. This also goes along with my slogan, wake up with a positive attitude. When I wake up to a family that is covered well and is supported because of the work I do, my positive attitude instantly becomes strong. Receiving employee benefits at a job will ultimately create a positive work environment and positive relationships. According to Cameron, “Positive relationships are those that are a generative source of enrichment, vitality, and learning for both individuals and organizations”(p.45). Getting the benefits that the company offers ultimately creates the enrichment and vitality that Cameron is alluding to. I believe that employee benefits are crucial when picking a job and will ultimately enhance my strengths and weaknesses in the workplace, mainly setting good relationships with other employees in order to complete tasks. Similarly to the commute to work, the location of the workplace