Values Paper

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Rishi Bhagat
SAC 250
Mr. Spence
Values Paper
As I have grown up my parents have instilled many strong values in me. I make all my decisions based on them and they have made me the man I am today. My top five values are accomplishment, education, prestige, recognition and health. Accomplishment is important to me because I want to be successful in my life and I feel success can only be measured by what you have accomplished. For example playing the drums and winning lots of cross country races shows I put in hard work and was able to accomplish my goals. Like accomplishment, education is a very important value to me. In fifth grade I won my school science fair and to this day I still cherish that memory. It taught me that education is highly sought after and the best minds are awarded for their achievements.
The large gold trophy I won that year formed my third and fourth value of prestige and recognition. After winning the science fair I became well known and respected in my school for being smart. I went onto become successful in other aspects of my life like cross-country racing and recognized as one of the best athletes in my school. A prestigious superlative I would later win my senior year of high school.
My fifth value of health just recently became important when I came to college. It is a culmination of my previous four values along with a new desire to be physically fit. Accomplishments and recognition helps my spiritual well being while education keeps my mental well being strong. I have started to watch what I eat and be more particular of what I put into my body. I feel much better about my self after a strong workout. I know this fifth value will be key in me becoming a well-rounded adult.
Now that I am in college I have started to consider careers I might be interested in such as an accountant, dentist or lawyer. My top