Vampire and Mr. Crepsley Essay

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Allies Of The Night The book I’m reading is called Allies Of The Night. When I got it I didn’t know it was going to be anything about vampires. I normally hate vampire books all because of Twilight. This one on the other hand, was really good! It makes me want to read the rest of the series. At the end of the book totally left me hanging. I say that’s a good way to make them read the next book.

Onto the book, it was definitely action packed all the way until the end. Darren Shan is a half vampire and half human. He is fast, strong and tougher than you or I. Somebody sets him up to go to school at Mahlers and a counselor comes and asks to talk to his parents. Since he’s been taken into a clan of vampires, he does not live with his family. He lives with Mr. Crepsley,a smart professor-like man, and Harkat, a grey-skinned tiny man who is very foolish. Darren went to school and found an old friend named Debbie Hemlocks. They were once dating before Darren was part vampire. Back then, he had to drop out of school and battle vampanezee. Now, he has a class with her, but not like your thinking. She’s the teacher! Inside they’re still in love, but Debbie would get fired if rumors started.
New reports have been saying that people are starting to go missing. Then about a week later, the missing persons would show up in obvious places, drained of all blood. Mr. Crepsley and Harkat know that it is the vampaneze. The vampaneze are the bad vampires who kill for fun. Nobody else knows who, how or why these events are happening. When Darren finds out, he must drop out of school to try to stop them. He knows if he does, the counselor will be very mad at him.

Because Darren missed so much school over the years, he was never very good at math like the others. He needed to get tutoring, and Debbie said she could help. He knew their relationship problems would BE a problem. He tried pushing his love aside but just couldn’t. One night when he was leaving, something threw a lid of a trash can at the back of his head. It threw him to the ground too hard for any human to have of thrown. A vampaneze was on him quicker than he knew what was going on. He had figured his life was at the stop sign, when before he knew it again something had scared the vampaneze off of him. Bows were laying where the vampaneze was. Tall man walked over to him and put the bow to Darren’s chest. Then, he recognized the man. He found out that it was an old bud of his. Steve took him to his hotel and cleaned him up. When they were finally relaxed, Steve told him to call Debbie and tell her to get out of those apartments. After a long debate she agreed. The next morning new reports saying her apartment neighbors were all killed and drained of blood.

They invited Debbie over and she had a police man with her everywhere, She told him that it was okay if he stayed here for tutoring. Darren told her all about the vampaneze and how he…