Vargas Outlaw Essay

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Fanta Koita
September 16,2013
Reading Response Essay 1

In my essay, I’m going to summarize how close the character's of both articles “
Vargas lack of citizenship” and “Slaters depression” secrets effects their lives. In the first article,Vargas
“Outlaw” secret was that he was a undocumented immigrant. He was in a different state with illegal documents. He didn't allow his lack of citizenship to interfere with his business or anything. His mother wanted to give him a better life, so she sent him thousands of miles away to live with grandparents in America. Vargas lack of citizenship effected his life but he was only limited to do certain things because he was somewhere he didn't belong. He went and got the “IRN” authorization covered so no one wouldn't find out that he didn't belong there. When he went for certain jobs and he couldn't show his original documents so he showed copies but they wouldn't take that. He wouldn't really make friends because he didn't want them to start questioning him about his family and

being in his business. He couldn't go with his music class on the trip out of state because he wasn't from

there and he didn't have legal documents. Slaters secret was her depression. She started taking a medicine called Zyprexa which caused her to start gaining weight. She started to take the medicine so much she started to care less about her diabetes. The medicine caused her