Variety equal versatility Essay

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Ezequiel Leyva
Classification Essay
October 30, 2013
Variety equals Versatility
Guitars play a huge role in music today; they are found in more than two thirds of music produced in the U.S and are very versatile instruments. In Jazz bands, Rock bands, classical music and more, the guitar has become a common instrument all around the world. Guitar shapes and color vary from big to small; dull to extra colorful. Three types of guitars that are mainly used today are the Electric, Acoustic and Classical guitars.
Because of the components the Electric guitar has it makes it more suitable for Rock and Jazz music and any other hybrid. The Electric guitar compared to other guitars has a solid body, magnets and thin steel strings. Lester William Polsfuss a young musician invented the first electric guitar; he designed it so that he could play “lead”. Lead is the part of the music in which one of the guitar players plays a solo on his guitar.
The Acoustic guitar has a hollow wood body and thicker steel strings than the Electric guitar, it is used more for strumming. Acoustic guitars are used to carry rhythm in music and vary in deep to high tones depending on the wood they are built from. Spruce wood guitars have a lighter tone than Mahogany wood built guitars. Acoustic guitars are very handy also because you can also take them wherever you go since most of the wood their built from is sturdier than other guitars. The Classical guitar has a very different approach on music than the past two guitars have. The name gives away the