Vark Analysis Paper

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The VARK Learning Style Assessment was designed by Neil Fleming in 1987. VARK stands for Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic sensory modalities that are used for learning information. His assessment is a questionnaire that asks an individual 16 questions pertaining to how they like to learn new information, specifically how they like to take in information, use it for effective learning and communicate this information to others effectively. Once an individual completes the questionnaire, either online or via paper format, his learning preferences will be identified as visual, aural, read/write, kinesthetic or multimodal. A visual learner prefers using visual resources such as diagrams, pictures, movies and videos. This learner …show more content…
Lori Goedecke’s VARK questionnaire results showed scores as follows: Visual = 13, Aural = 9, Read / Write = 14 and Kinesthetic = 8. Lori feels her preferred learning strategies are quite accurately illustrated by the results of this questionnaire. Lori would place herself into the description of multimodal learner preference VARK 2 specifically because she takes many different sources of information into account when learning new information and it can sometimes be a hindrance to getting assignments and papers done in a timely fashion.
Lori scored highest in read / write and feels that is definitely her strongest learning preference and one she uses most often. Lori researches many things with evidence-based practice journal articles and textbooks via the internet and the online library provided by Grand Canyon University. She uses the dictionary and thesaurus routinely. She takes very detailed notes in class and reviews them frequently when preparing for exams. She likes to have information presented to her via handouts and overheads. When there are multiple things to learn, Lori frequently uses lists and loves the use of acronyms to memorize things. She enjoys using Power Point in learning for herself and in teaching information to others. Lori also enjoys journaling her thoughts on many different subjects. Lori’s next highest score was in the visual