Varsity Reds Operating Budget Case Study

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There are various ways that the Varsity Reds obtain their financial resources. This paper will discuss a number of ways the organization obtains funds however, not all resources will be discussed due to the number of resources. A large portion of the resources that the Varsity Reds use comes from the Varsity Reds operating budget. A certain percentage of the University's funding is obtained primarily form the government and student fees which are allocated to the Varsity Reds program. Another way the Varsity Reds obtain their financial resources is through the Friends of the Varsity Reds program. This program by the Varsity Reds organization is designed so that the public can donate funds to the organization that will go directly to improving UNB's student athlete scholarship program (UNB Varsity Reds, n.d). …show more content…
This program is different than the Friends of the Varsity Reds program in that it goes directly into funding the current Varsity Reds athletics program. The funds obtained through Adopt-a-Red are allocated by the Varsity Reds administrative team towards equipment for teams, non-conference travel such as a team traveling to Ontario for a national tournament, and for recruiting new student athletes (UNB Varsity Reds, n.d). A fourth way the Varsity Reds obtain financial resources is through donations by alumni of the program. UNB's Annual Alumni Giving program contributes to improving many things on the UNB campus. A portion of UNB alumni's donations goes to improving facilities that are used by the Varsity Reds organization (University of New Brunswick, n.d). Lastly, sponsorships from businesses within the community such as Tim Hortons and Enterprise Fredericton also help to make events possible that the Varsity Reds host (University of New Brunswick,