Vatican Ii Timeline Essay

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Vatican II 1959-­‐1965

This brief timeline describes the proceedings leading up to and through the four working sessions of the Council


25 Jan Papal allocution by Pope John XXIII announcing his intention to conduct an Ecumenical Council

17 May Pre-­‐preparatory phase begins with the formation of the Antepreparatory Commission (APC), headed by Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tardini

30 Jun Cardinal Tardini, under instruction by Pope John, issues a letter to the worldwide Catholic episcopate and Catholic universities inviting suggestions for the agenda of the Council


1960 From September of the previous year responses, or vota, are submitted by the bishops and institutes of learning. Of 2812 individuals and groups consulted, 1998 bishops and 51 universities reply

12 Mar The vota at this time tallied to 9438 proposals; covering more than 2000 thematic subjects. This is summarized by the APC into an 18 page “Final Synthesis”

05 Jun Pope John issues motu proprio Superno Dei nutu outlining the

procedure for the preparation phase for the Council

06 Jun 10 preparatory commissions are established, under the guidance of the Central Preparatory Commission (CPC) headed by the Pope himself

09 Jul Quaestiones based on the “Final Synthesis” are sent to preparatory commission chairmen to guide subsequent work


1961 CPC convenes for the first time to review the proposed documents, or schemata, submitted by the preparatory commissions

25 Dec Pope John formally summons the Council in the Apostolic Constitution Humanae salutis


02 Jan CPC sends 2856 invitations to eligible participants of the Council: 85 cardinals, 8 patriarchs, 533 archbishops, 2131 bishops, 26 abbots, and 68 religious superiors

27 Jan CPC amendment sub-­‐commission is set up to review the re-­‐submitted schemata of the preparatory commissions

02 Feb The opening date for the Council is announced. Until the Council opens in the fall, the CPC would have received 75 schemata and, through their work, reduced the number to 22


Vatican II 1959-­‐1965

1 Jul

Pope John calls the Church to penance and spiritual preparation for the Council in his encyclical Paenitentiam agere

13 Jul Pope John authorizes sending 7 schemata to the participating bishops for review: on the liturgy; on Christian unity; on social communication; on the sources of revelation; on preserving the deposit of faith; on Christian moral order; and on chastity, virginity, marriage, and the family 05 Sep Norms and procedures for the Council are laid out by the Apostolic