Vehicle Rollover Accident Report

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On 03-27-2016 at approx. 0802 hours, Deputy MIchael Pata and I were dispatched to the 200 block of NW 20 AVE, Great Bend, Barton County Kansas in reference to a one-vehicle rollover accident. Dispatch advised the reporting party was unable to locate anyone in or around the vehicle.

At approx. 0809 hours, I arrived at the scene and observed the following: A black 2005 Nissan Altima, bearing Kansas license plate 649JLH, was facing north northwest, in the northbound lane and east ditch of NW 20 AVE. The vehicle was completely damaged, including damage consistant with a rollover accident.

The reporting party, an adult white male known to me as Harold E Mason, stated he was driving home to Hoisington from Great Bend, when he
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Rodriguez advised Bender was driving the car. Rodriguez was in the rear passenger seat immediately behind the driver. Rodriguez was not wearing her seat belt. All three of them were coming back from Hoisington when Bender sped up trying to "be cool" when Bender lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle went into the ditch and then rolled.

Drescher took pictures of Rodriguez's injuries, including bruising on her forehead and being in a neck collar.

Rodriguez's mother, an adult white female known to me as Michelle W Cavender, arrived and I met with Cavender and Rodriguez in emergency room #5.

Rodriguez told Cavender the same story as Rodriguez told me. Due to her injuries, Rodriguez was not able to give a written statement.

GBRH staff advised Cavender the following: Rodriguez had a small brain bleed. Rodriguez would be flown by EagleMed to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, Kansas for further evaluation and treatment.

The attempt to locate on Holley was cancelled and an attempt to locate was issued for Bender.

Garnica arrived and had medical personnel evaluate Holley. Holley was taken into the back to be check for a possible ruptured