Essay on Velocity and Speed Acceleration Potential

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Do you know what units each of these are measured in?
Potential energy
Kinetic energy

Do you know the equations to calculate the following?

Speed =

Acceleration =

Weight =

GPE (Ep) =

Energy transferred =

Work =

Power =

Kinetic Energy =

Forces questions
1. A racing car was travelling at 45 m/s when the driver applied the brakes. Below is a velocity-time graph showing the velocity of the car during braking.

What is the cars speed 5 seconds after the brakes are applied?

Calculate the rate at which the velocity decreases (deceleration or acceleration)

Calculate the braking force if the mass of the car is 600 kg.

Calculate the braking distance.

2. This graph shows the braking distance for a van travelling at various speeds.

The van driver thinks that if he doubles the speed he should double the braking distance. Use the graph to explain whether he is right or wrong,

What would his braking distance be for his van if he was travelling at 16 m/s?
The van is driving at 30 m/s and a dog runs into the road ahead.

The driver applies the brakes. Why is his stopping distance more than 120m?
The braking distances in the graph are applicable in fair weather. How would braking distances be affected if the roads were icy? Explain your answer.

3. A sky diver jumps from an aeroplane. She jumps a long way before she opens her parachute.