Verb and Main Idea Essay

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Six Trait Scoring Rubric
| |6 |5 |4 |3 |2 |1 |
|Ideas |-Creative, original |-Interesting, new ideas|-Ideas are expressed |-The main idea is |-Is there a main idea? |-No main idea or lots |
| |ideas |-Details explain the |clearly |presented, although |I’m not sure! |of unrelated ideas |
| |-Details support the |main ideas, making it |-Reader can identify |there are some |-Either very few | |
| |main idea and make it |more interesting |the main idea that is |questions |details or too many |-No details |
| |interesting |-Makes sense |supported with details |-Some details, but may |details that aren’t | |
| |-Makes sense and |-Believable, reader is |-Most of the details |be too general or not |connected |-Writer is confused |
| |enjoyable to read |interested |relate to the main idea|related to the main |-Reader is not | |
| |-Believable, reader | |-Understandable |idea |interested, unsure |-Reader is confused |
| |cares about the story | | |-Very few new ideas |about the topic | |
| | | | |presented | | |
|Organization |-Well organized and |-Good organization |-Reader can follow the |-Reader can usually |-Hard to follow |-Impossible to follow |
| |purposeful |-Ideas are connected |organization of ideas |follow the organization|-No clear main idea |-No main idea, just a |
| |-Ideas are clearly |and supported with |-Details are connected |-Details don’t always |-Too many or not enough|collection of details |
| |linked to support a |detail |to the main idea |match the main idea |details that don’t | |
| |position |-Strong lead and |-Includes a lead and |-Introduction and/or |match the main idea |-No lead or conclusion |
| |-Compelling lead and |appropriate conclusion |conclusion |conclusion may need |-Missing lead and/or | |
| |convincing conclusion | |-Helpful transitions |revision |conclusion |-No transitions |
| |-Carefully selected |-Strong transitions | |-Some transitions |-Few transitions | |
| |transitions | | | | | |
|Voice |-Unique, individual and|-Enthusiastic and |-Occasionally original |-Sometimes you can hear|-Too informal, chatty, |-Can’t find a voice |
| |confident voice |convincing voice |and/or confident voice |the author’s voice |whiney or sarcastic | |
| |-Passionate about the |-Interested in topic | |-Voice might