Verbal And Non Verball Communciation AB Essay

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Verbal and Non- Verbal Communication and Listening Skills Paper
University of Phoenix/Adam Bandy
July 27, 2015
SOC/110: Stephen Eckstone

People communicate in the world every second of the day. Communication plays a huge part in the world people live in. There are as few ways of communication. People communicate by facial expressions, gesturing, writing, pointing or using their hands. People communicate by drawing, touching, and eye contact. In the new era, technology has help people communicate more effectively by using computers and cellphones.
Verbal communication is the sharing of information between people using speech. Verbal communication can be used by using sentences and talking with others. Also, verbal communication is used to convey a message to someone else with also a tone of voice. For instance, one can have a conversation with another person and begin to talk about what one day was like. One can elaborate with the receiver about the day about bringing in details far as the weather.
Verbal communication is a way that someone conveys messages to someone else. Verbal communication also relies on how a person uses and languages while communicating. Another example of verbal communication is jargon. Jargon is a verbal shorthand professionals use to speak to each other clearly and efficiently. (Engleberg, Wynn, 2012) One was younger, growing up when one’s grandmother and mother would speak another language, so the children would not understand the message being conveyed. The language is called pig-latin.

Non-verbal communication is not verbal; as a: being other than verbal; b. using a minimum amount of language. Non -verbal communication is opposite of verbal communication. The difference with verbal and non- verbal is one uses words (verbal), and the other does not. Examples of non-verbal communication are facial expressions, hand gestures, body posture, body language, sign language, writing, eye contact. One can communicate non- verbally by using hand gestures. One can communicate non- verbally by using effective eye contact. For example one is at a meetings. I can make sure to pay attention to the speaker. I can give eye contact and make sure my body posture is correct. One can show correct body posture by not folding one’s arms together and staying alert at all times. It can also be helpful by standing instead of sitting while attending a meeting.
Knowledge of non-verbal communication is helpful in communicating to others. One way knowledge is helpful is by allowing the person that is understanding exactly what the other person is conveying. For example, a person can be giving non-verbal cues while attending a meeting. The person looking at the other person can understand what the other person by reading the person’s body language, posture, and other non-verbal cues. Knowledge of non-verbal communication can help an individual understand what the person is saying as well.
The results on the assessment of “Student Listening Inventory” was taken. The score is 112. The results stated, “You perceive yourself to be a good