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Obama’s Verizon Scandal
APA Citation: Stanley, T. (2013, 6 June). Verizon Scandal: Barack Obama’s National Security State is Now Beyond Democratic Control. Retrieved from
1. The intended audience for this website is for all citizens of the United States, especially those who have Verizon.
2. The author is credible because he uses past examples of what the government has done and how it relates to the Verizon situation now.
3. This article is based on facts because he gives viable information about the controversy of the situation as well as what Obama is doing exactly, which leads to the article also being based on research due to the fact that he had to get the information somewhere. He also uses some of his opinions to emphasize the situation being upsetting.
4. The strength of this article is the source he uses to create a back flash for the Americans to remember what the government has done to keep the country safe, but the weakness of it was his sarcasm he intended to show that in some situations, the programs the government uses does not work.
5. I would not use this source in a paper because the author mainly uses satire to lay down information in a way that he still expresses his crude opinions.
Obama has created a new surveillance program on Verizon where the invasion of privacy is a big deal