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The Vermont Dairy Functions of the job
Omar Nicholas
HRS 531
Mike Kanda

The Vermont Dairy Functions of the job
Description of the Organization
The Vermont Dairy is a small indecently owned and operated convenience store in Torrance California. Their inventory is much like any convenience store that one would frequent; their draw is that they are a drive thru. This allows customer to stay in the cold or warm air of their car if they want to while the clerk gets what the customer whatever they need, making this a true convenience store
A Q and A with the owner
Q-How and when would you determine the need to create a job position within your business?
A-The need to create a job posting would be just that, there has to be a need with our size being what it is and that is small we only look for new employees when there is a need for one whatever the circumstance is
Q-What strategy would use to outline the position’s details?
A- The strategy would be to entail what the job encumbers.
Q-What would the duties be?
A- The clerk would have to be customer service savvy, have cash handling skills, ability to stock shelves, and the strength and stamina to work in the stock room.
Q-What would the performance requirements for the position be?
A- The store clerk must be able to communicate with customers in a friendly and efficient manner. The clerk must be able to count, perform addition, subtraction, and division calculations and be able to read instructions. The clerk must be able to stand almost constantly (more than 80% of time worked).The clerk must be able to ring items, operate cash register and bag orders, along with the ability to lift and carry up to 40 lbs. periodically. The store clerks are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the store and freshness of products. For example, they may have to clean up spills and broken glass. They also have to inspect items for expired dates and remove them from the shelves and coolers. Store clerks mark down slow-selling items with approval, and they restock fast selling items. They're also responsible for ensuring that the right price tags are on the products
Q-What preexisting knowledge and skills would be required for the position?
A-The clerk must have a high school diploma and be over the age of 18. There must be previous knowledge and use of customer service skills, along with cash handling. There must be the ability and