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1. What ‘type and cause’ of disability does Jim have and what ‘level of restriction’ does he experience?

Jim Dawson has rheumatoid arthritis (RA) cause RA can lead to damage to joints of Jim and interferes with his mobility and movement. Jim has high level of rheumatoid arthritis because he need assist him in his activity daily life, such as hygiene, toileting and meals.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a form of inflammatory arthritis and autoimmune disease. For reason no one fully understands, the immune system which is designed to protect our health by attacking foreign cells such as viruses and bacteria and attack the body’s tissues, specifically the synovia, a thin membrane that lines the joints. As a result of the attack, fluid builds up in the joints, causing pain in the joints and inflammation that’s systemic meaning it can occur throughout the body (The Arthritis Foundation 2009)
The symptoms and cause of RA vary from person to person and can change on a daily basis. Jim’s joints may feel warm to the touch and you might notice a decreased range of motion, as well as inflammation, swelling and pain in the eras around the affected joints. RA is symmetrical, meaning if a joint on one side of the body is affected; the corresponding joint on the other side of the body is also involved (The Arthritis Foundation 2009)
2. Use the heading bellows to discuss the reasons Jim may be experiencing loss and grief.

Relationship: He gets marry with Marion. His wife can take care him and assists him with hygiene, toileting and meals. Jim feels wonderful when he lives with his wife.
Age: Jim Dawson is 70 years old the age that makes loss and grief more. Because he had a happy family and now he gets rheumatoid arthritis disease. Moreover, his wife was died and he is going to move in a residential care facility.
Possession: When Jim moves to a residential care facility. He is very grief, because he will live in new place where he can miss lot memories in his house.
Status: Jim is feeling lonely because his partner went away, nobody will not beside him to enjoy listening to music, watching old films and watching the bird life in the garden. Moreover, Jim is going to move to a nursing home where he can meet strangers who he has ever known anyone in age care facility.
Health: Jim's health condition is deteriorated because his wife was died; he managed home by him self while he get rheumatoid arthritis that interferes significantly with his mobility and movement.
(Better Health Channel 2014)

3. Discuss at least two ways that you, as a nurse working in the hospital, can assist Jim to cope with his loss and grief.

First way, as a nurse works in a hospital I will try to help him in every activity and his movements. I encourage him to