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Veronica Flores
S. Salibian
English 101
5 may 2014
Viewer response Bully This documentary bully is a documentary on the reality of children being bullied. It brings awareness to the viewer on the damaging effects on these children that are victims to bulling. The director structures their argument through a problem-solution structure. They do this by interviewing victims and their families and the schools involved with this issue. With this film they are trying to gain awareness through the nation and show people speaking up to fight this problem. It interviews families who have lost children because their children are not able to handle the issues at school and children going through this issue still. The director uses emotions to reach out to the viewers it show the true heartache of the effects of bulling with distraught mothers and fathers that have grieved from the loss of a child due to bulling or child that is still dealing with this issue. The first interview is with a boy named Tyler’s father. Tyler committed suicide at the age of seventeen due to bulling. His father’s said that eventually he was use to the abuse and had built up a wall of no emotion. I think it’s interesting that he was able to come off as unemotional to the world around him yet he must have been hurting terribly inside to have eventually at the age of seventeen to commit suicide. It’s scary to think that someone could seem to be okay but in reality they are hurting so much on the inside. It makes you think how many times you have walked by someone who had these thoughts. Andrew is a little boy they followed in the documentary. He was socially awkward and doesn’t know how to stand up for himself. He says he likes learning but has trouble making friends. He had become so use to being picked on that he thought it was normal. Another child who needs someone to step in and speak up for him. Kelby a young lesbian girl whose been teased because of her sexual orientation, Not only her but her family were outcasts because of this. She was brave enough to stay and not leave and not let them bring her…