Vertical Leadership Research Paper

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Vertical Leadership Enhances Workplace Performances through Enhancing Team Strategies
Today, organizations need to research new approaches of Vertical Leadership Development. They should seek to apply rigorous, structured, scientific approaches to succession planning and development, aiming to identify potential leaders earlier and fast-track them into leadership positions. Also important is to find ways to develop leaders who can collaborate extensively, recognize the need for new leadership skills such as conceptual thinking and focus on new leadership cohorts. All of this requires implementing a comprehensive culture around leadership to address the leadership gap continuously and systemically.
In my opinion, today’s leadership development
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It requires supervision, oversight, organization and performance-monitoring. This leadership model doesn’t try to innovate. Instead, it’s rooted in keeping things consistent and predictable over time. Errors and faults are closely investigated, and the overall goal is to create efficient, routine procedures
Furthermore, through this research organizations can create a culture that encourages people to opt for safe/low-learning projects rather than some risk of failure/high-learning projects. This is a recipe for organizational stagnation. In order to succeed, organizations need to build a “growth mindset” culture that rewards smart risk-taking in the pursuit of growth.
A fundamental aspect of teaching leadership that believes is being overlooked is teaching people how to be thinkers. The ability to think and understand what the answers mean and how to employ them is key to successfully employing knowledge. By providing a universal leadership development framework using leadership development methods that this researcher has identified across research, it provides researchers with a method to think, learn, and apply the leadership characteristics uncovered in this