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My name is Denali Dakota and I have been a veterinarian for 6 years. I started following my dream by taking the appropriate courses in high school. I took Animal Science, Animal Science II, Anatomy, AP Biology, and Zoology. All of these helped me prepare for my more difficult college courses. I went to Cornell University for 8 years to become a doctor of Veterinary Medicine. I also had to complete an exam to get my official license. I love working with animals, and I am glad to be able to administer care to them. I work at Somers Animal Hospital in New York. I make approximately $88,060 a year. I have been working in New York since a graduated from Cornell when I was 26. I plan on working here until I retire. My life revolves around animals and taking care of them. I work to improve the health of household pets, as well as animals in laboratories, on farms and in zoos. I am skilled at treating and diagnosing dysfunctions and diseases in such animals, which may include using preventative measures, surgery and sophisticated technology. I also spend a great deal of time interacting with pet owners, offering advice on feeding, grooming and breeding. This career is hard work but it pays off. You are able to see the results of labor constantly. It is very rewarding to see a happy pet and a happy owner.
My daily routine is always changing, you can’t control emergencies. I wake up at 4:00 am to promptly report to work at 5:15 am. I do a variety of different procedures every day. Some days I might have to perform surgery and others I might just do routine check-ups. However, no matter what I might be doing, I can assure you I am using math. Math is a huge part of my career. I need to calculate the right amount of medicine to administer based to weight and breed. I examine average statistics of the health of all my patients. I know how to analyze data results from various test. I must be able to measure the needed width, height