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Veteran’s Interview I chose to interview my very own grandfather, Micheal Corley. He is currently fifty-five, however, he was just 22 when his military career began. I was told that working in construction was slowing down at the time, which caused him to join the army, and even leave his family for a while. His branch of service is the Army National Guard, and his rank is Sargent E-5. Unlike most men in the army, my grandfather was a medic wartec. This means that he assisted in the hospital. I actually find this kind of ironic, considering his medical history of being accident prone. My grandfather is an extremely hilarious man, which led me to believe that I could get a lot of amusing stories out of him during the time he served. He told me of a night when a few of his friends in the same barrack decided to get drunk on Bacardi. Him being the only sober one, he was left to help his friends who obviously weren’t thinking straight at the time. One by one, he eventually got all of them to the top of the hill where the barrack was located. Trying to get them properly into bed was an even harder task. One friend got tangled in a net, and ended up spending the night in it. Another one just so happened to have to use the restroom so badly that he fell asleep in the port-a- potty. The next morning they went on a wild goose hunt for one of the friend’s wallet who lost it the night before. That story isn’t necessarily pertaining to a war conflict or in battle, but it is