Veterinarian Career Research Paper

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When you were younger most kids wanted to be a doctor of some sort. Why not be a veterinarian? A veterinarian is a person qualified to treat diseased or injured animals. I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian since I was little. Every time I watched TV there were commercials about animals needing help. It bothered me because my belief was that animals don’t deserve to be hurt, so why is this happening to them. That’s when I decided I should become a veterinarian and do as much as I can to help. To get there I believe that college is important in order to become a successful veterinarian.
To become a Veterinarian, there are certain job tasks, special skills and talents, as well as a higher education. There are a lot of skills and talents needed
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There are many jobs related to a veterinarian that you can choose from. For example, you can be a associate vet, emergency vet, and a mixed animal vet. Also, small animal vet, staff vet, vet surgeon, and many more. I personally am going to be a emergency veterinarian. If you are going into this field only for the money, you might as well not even try. It will be a waste of your money and time. If you want to go in this field you need to love what you're doing. The main reason why I want to be a veterinarian is because I love animals not because of the money. The median wage is 42.68 dollars an hour, which is 88,770 dollars a year. I hope you choose this job or job field for the right reasons. Knowing and having the skills, education, related jobs, talents, requirements, plan, potential income, and why this career is for me is important. The road to becoming a veterinarian is very hard and long with many challenges. That is why I believe that college is important in order to become a successful veterinarian. What are you going to do to make sure you become a