Essay on Veterinary Office Software

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Veterinary Office Software
There is a multitude of planning and purchasing that goes with opening any business, including a veterinary practice of any size. One of the necessary purchases that can have a major impact on the efficiency of a veterinary clinic is what software program will be used by the clinic. There are many different software programs available on the market today, and it can be a daunting task to select the one that would work the best for a particular hospital. There seems to be an unlimited mixture of choices and features, giving customers the chance to decide what is most important to them and their particular practice. Three programs stood out to me as I did some research, and those three are Infinity, Intravet, and
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All three software companies provide on-site setup of software and hardware and training for new customers and staff members.
Once the new system has been installed it will need to be updated occasionally to ensure customers are receiving the best possible service. This is handled a little differently by each software company. For DVMAX to receive updates clients have to log-in as an administrator and run the DVMAX updater to check for available updates. Intravet sends free software updates to their “Service Club” members, while non Service Club members must pay $900.00 per missed update.
Speaking of service, now seems like a good time to evaluate technical support issues and how they are addressed by each company.
Intravet provides ninety days of free technical support. After the initial ninety days, the company has, what they call, a Service Club that is available to clients for a monthly purchase price. There are definitely benefits for Service Club members versus non-club members. Clinics that choose to join the Service Club can expect to receive unlimited technical support during weekdays and Saturday mornings. In addition, Club members enjoy free calling and also their calls receive priority over non-club members. Though for after hours support there is an added charge.
Technical support for DVMAX is available to clients through different service plans with a wide range of options and prices. The service plans are arranged in a structured