Veterinary Services Research Paper

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Veterinary Services in the United States aims to improve and maintain the quality and health of our animals and prevent disease. In addition to working to prevent animal disease, they also promote the need for the maintenance of animal health and productivity. In case of a disease outbreak, they are the ones to respond, control, contain and eradicate the disease. There are many career opportunities within Veterinary services. This organization is broken down into four categories: Surveillance, Preparedness and Response (SPRS), National Import Export Services (NIES), Science, Technology and Analysis (STAS) and Program Support Services (PSS) (APHIS). Within each of these categories, the opportunities for employment are plentiful.

The Surveillance, Preparedness and Response (SPRS) team concentrates on the broad spectrum of the major health needs of animal groups. They implement early awareness and surveillance programs and direct emergency responses. Within the SPRS, they have a national preparedness and incident coordination center that is in charge of emergency preparation work. The SPRS works in conjunction with various district leaders, epidemiologists, veterinarians and state animal health officials. They also work closely with avian, swine and aquatic health centers in addition to cattle, sheep, swine and goat regulation centers.
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They are also in charge of closely monitoring ports. They inspect facilities, endorse health certificates and issue export/import permits. They operate six service centers and participate in policymaking, animal quarantines and port inspections. Within this branch, there is a need for policy makers, animal import center directors and port services directors to name a few. Surveillance of the northern and southern borders is also a necessity and various officials are hired to do