Veterinary Technician Research Paper

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Hundreds of thousands of animals are sick! Tens of thousands of animals are dying! Not one healthy animal exist on earth. Does this sound like a happy picture? No, but that is the world we would live in if there were not veterinarians, veterinary technologist, and technicians. Thanks to them, people are able to live in a world with not only healthy but also happy animals. A veterinary technician has a tremendously important role in the world of animals. Veterinarians rely on veterinary technicians to perform duties, such as performing treatment prescribed by veterinarians, observing the behavior of animals, administering vaccinations, medications, and providing aid to ill and injured animals. Veterinary technicians also monitor animal’s …show more content…
Even before students plan on attending college, they must have a four years of high school education. High school education classes such as biology, English, math, psychology, computer skill courses, a GED, or the equivalent are mandatory before attending any university or technical college. Another important aspect to know about becoming a veterinary technician is how much tuition and financial aid will cost: “Tuition in Kansas is very affordable. Most programs can be completed in two years for under $20,000 including the associated fees, tuition for out of state residents is higher. Kansas has agreements with its border states… tuition rates slightly higher than for instate students.” (Steps to Becoming a Veterinary Technician in Kansas) Even though there is a difference in schooling between veterinary technologist and technicians. Research shows that most clinics and other job opportunities offer the same salary and benefits to both veterinary technologists and technicians. “Technologists need a four year bachelor's degree, and technicians need a two year associate's degree. Typically, both technologist and technicians must take a credentialing exam and must become registered, licensed, or certified, depending on the requirements of the state in which you work.” (Veterinary Technologist and Technicians) After attending a two year technical college “You will be graduated with an associates in Veterinary will be eligible to take the veterinary technician national exam required to become a registered veterinary technician in Kansas.” (Veterinary Technologist and Technicians) Although it is not required to become registered in the state of Kansas, you are not obligated to become certified in all