VFW ESSAY: What Would I Tell the Founding Fathers of America?

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What would you tell the Founding Fathers of America: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington? First of all, I would tell them how the technology has improved. One way technology has improved is fire arms. There are many different kinds of firearms you can choose from. For example, the MK47 or a Striker 40 is a 40mm automatic grenade launcher. It is capable of launching various unguided rounds. This firearm is used by the United States Special Operations Forces. Another way the technology has improved with cars. The first car ever made in the United States in 1908 is the Ford Model T which was named after Henry Ford. From the Model T in 1908 to the latest/newest car, the 2012 Ford Focus ST. Also another way technology has improved is the making of cell phones. The use of cell phones is getting to where people are shutting off there landlines or house phones. Cell phones are getting more advanced every day. For example, Iphone 5 is the newest cell phone created. Next, I would want to tell them about restaurants. There are millions or maybe even billions of restaurants in the United States. There are dining in restaurants, fast food restaurants, and some restaurants where you just park and watch traffic. I prefer McDonalds, Captain D’s and Sonic as my favorite drive-thru and just park restaurants. I would choose Golden Corral as my dining in restaurant. I would have named off a lot more but I