Vibrations Lab 2 Essay

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To: Dr. Hemanth Porumamilla Date: January 28, 2013

From: Sean Johnson & Christian Nuñez

Subject: Load Cell Calibration

For the Spectral Analysis Experiment, the goal was to introduce the equipment used for finding out frequency domain information and also to grasp a better understanding of the Fourier Transform Theory through mathematical analysis and through experimentation. For direct comparison of the two methods of analysis, Johnson and Nunez used the first five terms in the Fourier Series for periodic waveforms, specifically for sine, triangular and square functions.

The equipment used included a function (frequency) generator, an oscilloscope and a Fast Fourier Transform Analyzer. All pieces were connected together and then set-up with the correct settings, measurement and display outputs. A printer was also used to print out the appropriate graphs needed for lab completion.

The equations used to find the first five terms in the Fourier Series for each function by mathematical analysis can found in Figure 1-1. As for the experimentation, the five terms in the Fourier Series were found by maneuvering the marker to the x value to wherever there was a peak on the y axis. That corresponding y-value represents a term in the Fourier Series for that respective function. At the end of this lab, the results and comparisons of analytical theory versus experimentation were consistent with one another: for data refer to Table 1-1. Part of the assignment was to learn how