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Change Management

The Challenge of Change at WildeWear Corporation

(Eli Sopow, PhD
MBA 513

April 2011

Purpose of this case study

The purpose of this case study is to anchor the weekly lessons from MBA 513 Change Management into actual practice. Each week the class will be exposed to a variety of theories, models, and experiences related to organizational and human change. The lessons from those weekly sessions will be immediately applied to the continuing story of change at the fictional WildeWear Corporation.

Table of contents

In the beginning 3
Time Out for Thinking #1 3
WildeWear the company 3
Time Out for Thinking #2 5
Serjit’s change challenge 6
Time Out for Thinking #3 7
Kevin’s change proposal 8
Time Out for Thinking #4 9
The WildeWear Board of Directors meeting 10
WildeWear Corporation Change Management Plan 11
Time Out for Thinking #5 12
A change in the Change Management Plan 13
Notice to all WildeWear employees 13
Time Out for Thinking #6 14
The WildeWear employer-employee meeting 15
Save WildeWear Action Plan—Employee Rights Group 16
Time Out for Thinking #7 16
A sense of purpose for WildeWear Corporation 17
Message from WildeWear President & CEO Roger McKeil 18
Time Out for Thinking #8 20

Appendix A
WildeWear Corporation Mission, Vision, Values 21
Time Out for Thinking #9 21

Appendix B
WildeWear Corporation organization chart 22
Time Out for Thinking # 10 22

The Challenge of Change at WildeWear Corporation

NOTE: This is a fictional case study and is not intended to portray any existing or past corporations, organizations, or individuals. The “facts” in this case are a composite of the author’s 40 years experience in the working world plus his training and education including his empirical research studies involving over 200 workplaces. All names including that of the corporation “WildeWear” plus all personalities within the case study are fictional and are not intended to represent any living or deceased individuals. The author is responsible for all information within this case.

In the beginning

It seemed like a great idea. When Serjit Patel, age 41, is offered the job as Western Region Vice President of WildeWear Corporation in Vancouver Canada, the offer seems like a great career move. It is not only a promotion, but he will make another $20,000 a year in pay. For six years Serjit has been the Senior Regional Manager for WildeWear’s operations in Delhi, India. Before that he served the company for nine years in various locations including London, England as well as in the Eastern United States, starting off at the company’s manufacturing division in Atlanta, Georgia. Serjit feels well equipped for his new job in Vancouver. He believes he has plenty of experience with the company, working his way up from marketing and sales to Regional Manager. He has an MBA from University Canada West. And he thinks he is an excellent communicator and has good “people skills.” So, in April of 2012, Serjit moves with his wife Sonya (a lawyer) and their two children (a girl called Jasmine age 15 and a boy named Ravinder who is 17) to Vancouver.


1. Did Serjit make the right decision to change jobs at WildeWear? Why do you think that?

2. Based on just what you know now, what change challenges do you think Serjit faces both professionally and personally?

3. What advice would you give to Serjit as he heads to Vancouver and his new job?

WildeWear—the company

WildeWear Corporation is an international company that manufactures and markets a clothing line called WildeWear (see Appendix A for mission, vision,