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onstitution of the Student Government Association at Landmark College
This organization shall be known as the Student Government Association (SGA) at Landmark College.
The purpose of the SGA shall be to act as a self-representing governing body for the students at Landmark College in accordance with the highest ideals of democratic representation and the greatest aims and purposes of the College.
The SGA shall act to execute the will of the student body by presenting their collective opinions and recommendations concerning the affairs of the College and representing the student body in College decision that impact students. The SGA will serve as a reliable source of information to the student body concerning student affairs and will pursue and collaborate on initiatives and events that support a stronger student community.
The SGA shall not discriminate against any person regardless of their race, creed, color, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin for any reason.
Section 1: Membership
The SGA at Landmark College shall be composed of all full and part-time students regardless of age, religion, and ethnicity, who are matriculated and currently enrolled in one or more classes. Only elected members may vote, but all students are welcome to attend meetings.
Section 2: Structure
The SGA shall consist of three levels of government: the Executive Board, Senators, and Representatives. The SGA is the collective term for all elected and appointed members. The duration of each position is one academic school year.

Executive Board: (elected)
Vice President of Finance
Vice President of Operations
Vice President of Communications
Senators: (elected)
Eight Senators
Senate Committees
Standing Committees
Class Gift/Young Alumni
Representatives: (appointed)
Student Clubs/ Organizations
General Members (any student who attends 3 consecutive meetings)

Section 1: Qualifications
All members shall be Landmark College students who