Victor's Pride in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Essay

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Jacqueline Baltierra
Ms. Hume
IB English P. 3rd
February 6, 2012
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Rejection and the feeling of belonging nowhere can lead onto a deadly situation if one allows it to. Grudges that grow from those who feel rejected and degraded might turn into an obsession for revenge. One may lose their senses when they feel alienated by becoming miserable and not knowing what is right from wrong. Victor Frankenstein and the creature both cause each other to become isolated and overwhelmed because of their actions. However, it all starts with the pride of Frankenstein. Victor Frankenstein has always been an intellectual person. Since of a young age he could be found isolated reading books about science and alchemy. Frankenstein became an expert on modern science once he attended university. He found some pride in himself after his professor told him all that knowledge he has about alchemy and old science is worthless. He wants to prove himself that he can be successful with his knowledge. He then takes interest in creating life and soon becomes lonely and pale with his new-found obsession. He ignores his family, friends, and social life until he finally creates life through this monster.
Frankenstein’s excitement for his creature fades away when he sees the face of what he has created. When Victor opens his eyes and sees the creature with the hideous face smiling at him, he overreacts and starts to panic running out of his apartment. He avoids his apartment as much as he can because is not ready to face his creation for it is hideous. He is scared of the creature because the creature’s face is ugly. He is disappointed for wasting so many years of his life devoted to the sole purpose of creating life and now that he has achieved such thing, he feels “breathless horror and disgust” fill his heart (42). When he comes back to his apartment the creature is nowhere to be found. He then falls ill for months at the sight and thought of what he has done. He takes a tour around the country with his friend, Henry Clerval, and ignores the responsibility he has created for himself.
Frankenstein has alienated his creation as if it never even existed. This makes him ignore the fact that he is responsible for the monster since he no longer has any visual evidence it was all real. The monster later tells Frankenstein how he feels alone and forgotten which he then later started feeling grudges towards his creator. The creature asks Frankenstein the reason for creating him if he is going to run away from him and hate him like every other human does just by looking at his face. The creature then says, “I will glut the maw of death, until it be satiated with the blood of your remaining friends (81).” It