Victoria Bank Case Essay

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* The Victory Bank Case

Vlissingen 2010

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The Victory Bank Case 1
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The Victorie-Groep was really an unknown brand, an umbrella for more than 20 different brand names with very little consistency throughout. Therefore this idea of takeover might be dangerous to some extent because they could first focus on making their brand name known.
There is a lot of bureaucratic culture within the Victorie Bank Dronten for instance Processes and their associated rules and procedures are of considerable importance in the bank and this can sometimes be an obstacle for market, because employees have to follow protocol in order to perform a task.
The victorie bank Dronten also created website which looks very professional and this site, they offer various products to the customers. Like for instance buying and selling of shares. Which is quite good for the company because it reduces transactional cost.

External analysis
The population is still constantly growing throughout the Netherlands, although at a slower pace than in the past year especially the baby boom after the Second World War which has resulted to high number of elderly people who need good health care, hence is advantageous for insurance companies.
The norm today is to purchase things on credit. This is quite interesting development for banks because, if people buy thing on credits, they have to pay interest rates which very vital for the bank to grow. Besides that, the borrowing behaviour is less visible with older age and more visible with the younger age group. Also quite