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Victoria L. Alberty-Velez, Plaintiff
Corporacion De Purto Rico Para La Difusi N Publica Et Al., Defendent

The issues of this case are several things. She had a lawsuit against WIPR for sex and pregnancy discrimination. Did Alberty intended to return to WIPR after giving birth to her son. Alberty was absent due to her pregnancy was a motivating factor in WIPR's employment decision in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. WIPR actions are showed to be intentional and is Alberty able to return to employment.
The rule in the case in the facts given, WIPR objects to Alberty's use of the word “hired,” as opposed to “contracted,” arguing that she was an independent contractor, not an employee of WIPR, and hence “hired” would not accurately characterize her relationship to that company. We express no opinion on whether Alberty was an independent contractor or an employee, and use the term “hired” merely for convenience. Alberty's employment status after her departure from the show in November remains unclear because conflicting testimony was offered on this point at trial. Alberty testified that she had always intended to return to “Desde Mi Pueblo,” while Inserni stated that he understood there was no future commitment between Alberty and WIPR at the time of her departure. These are the facts of the case given to us in the case for ruling by the courts.
This case is comparable to Licciardi in that all of the practical outcomes of a continuance would have been prejudicial to Alberty. The employment status issue was at the heart…