Victorian Era Research Paper

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Victorian Era
What is science? According to Longman dictionary, Science is “knowledge about the structure and behavior of the natural and physical world, based on facts that you can prove, for example by experiments”. Basically, it is the system of logical thinking to reach a certain explanation for nature science. However, what is the system applied to think logically. In the Victorian Era, three of the most well known educators offered the science’s definition.
Thomas Henry Huxley(1825-1895) states that science is the study of physical science such as technology, mathematic, medical and so on. Huxley advocates the necessary to study this science to meet the society’s needs such as economy, industry. So Huxley concludes that the study of classical education is impractical and more suitable for leisure man. In contrast to Huxley’s definition of science, Mathew Arnold (1822-1888) argues science should be based on the recorded knowledge, acquire from Greek and Rome civilization, also known as classical education. More importantly, Arnold emphasizes the necessary classical education’s literature as a form of science. This classical education literature help human to realize their identities, sense” sense of conduct” and “sense of beauty”. In other word, Arnold advises people (middle class) to study classical education literature, as a method to “achieve a richer intellectual and emotion existence”, in response to rapid and potentially social change, caused by ‘industrial revolution’.
So far, Huxley and Arnold have different view of science and the role it plays in human’s life. Perhaps their contemporary, Newsman integrates both Huxley and Newman idea, by stating “ all knowledge is science” and science of science and philosophy. In his vision, no matter what man study, all they do is to think to explain thing. Newsman passionately