Victoria Secret : Keeping the Brand Hot Essay

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Company Case Victoria's Secret Pink: Keeping the brand Hot

I) Analyze the buyer decision process of a typical Pink customer The buyer decision process of a typical Pink customer can be split into five different stages, which can be found in the text studied. The first stage is for the buyer or to recognize the need for the product for instance in this case « lingerie ». Teens and tweens are the main targets for Pink's products ; they are in a hurry to change over to maturity in terms of what they wear and what they look like. With regards to Pink’s products, the young consumers recognize the need for women and more mature clothes from Pink’s store by means of external stimuli which their are driven by, due to advertisement (malls,
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It is for Victoria Secret a clear aim to acquire a new segment of customers through the introduction of its brand. Pink line addresses to young girls (and sometimes boys) in a hurry to transform into maturity lifestyles in keeping with their older counterparts, that is to say that Pink line positionate itself as a period of transition for the youth. Social groups have often criticized the practices adopted by Pink – given to the sexy core brand – in targeting the inconscious will of young people by cheering them up into adopting adult lingerie by means of the Pink line. What is clearly criticized is the Marketing strategy used by Victoria Secret which seems to addresses itself to youngsters by teen lingerie, who will then buy real adult lingerie coming from the core brand. Thus, we can consider that Marketers might spoil the youth lifestyles as it has been shown that tweens leave their childhoods earlier, stopping young traditional activties in the aim of focusing more on mature hobbies which don't only includes clothes, put also electronic products.

III) Explain how both positive and negative consumer attitudes toward a bran like Pink develop. How might someone's attitude toward Pink change ? The Positive consumer attitude towards Pink’s brand develops thanks to creation of long relationships. This is due to the fact that Pink introduces her products to younger consumers aged 18 to