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Victoria’s Secret
I, Company Background: Victoria’s Secret (VS) is an American retail brand of women’s wear, lingerie and beauty products. It was established by Roy Raymond in the San Francisco during the 1970s. Raymond saw an opportunity in taking “underwear” of the time and turning it into fashion. Products stood apart from the traditional white cotton pieces, which department stores offered, with colors, patterns and style that gave them more allure and sexiness. They combined European elegance and luxury. By 1982, Raymond had opened six stores and launched a modest catalog operation. He then sold VS to the American publicly-traded company Limited Brands, which took the lingerie company and sprinted away. Today, VS is the fastest
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Last year, VS introduced bathing suits to the store, which never happened before since VS just had bathing suits available online. When they brought bathing suits to the stores, the customers were much exited about it because some of them do not like to buy bathing suits or clothes online. By opening VS stores just for clothes and shoes, customers would be attracted to the stores and thus increase profits to the company. In addition, it is also a good idea to have additional VS franchises overseas. Indeed, VS have foreign customers, which every time they come to the U.S, they come to VS stores. Recently, President Barack Obama sent three free-trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama to Congress, saying the pacts would create tens of thousands of jobs for Americans. The agreements could also boost U.S apparel exports (including VS products) by expanding new regional markets, especially in developing countries, such as China, Sri Lanka, India, and Vietnam...VS final products can be sold immediately without shipping to the U.S market and afterward exporting back to those countries. Furthermore, VS can expand its market for existing products by targeting on new demographic segment. The young teenage market is an illustration of this. It is the perfect starting point for a new entrant into the lingerie industry. For something as intimate and personal as lingerie,