Victorian Adventure to Carlson Library Essay

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“Victorian Adventure to Carlson Library”
I went to the Carlson Library and I discovered that the library has a lot more things than I have noticed before. There were people scattered everywhere throughout Level A of the library. For the first couple of minutes I sat there looking around and observing who was around me and what everyone was doing. All of the different groups of people and things going on really stood out to me at first. Suddenly the library didn’t seem quite as quiet as you would always picture a library to be. There were people typing quickly on their laptops trying to put the finishing touches to their papers. Some people were just quietly sitting there browsing the web.
Over by the window, quietly sat a girl in a hot pink hoodie wearing glasses drinking a fresh Starbuck’s while she typed a paper on her laptop. In one of the square tables in the back sat a kid wearing a blue hat backwards drinking a fruit punch Gatorade listening to music while he browsed the web. On the couch in the corner sat a girl with long blonde hair and a guy with brown at a table together loudly laughing. Also as I sat at the table a while longer I looked around and noticed these pretty colorful paintings hanging on the walls. Each painting had a different pattern and done by past students in their art classes.
While others were on YouTube or their IPod listening to music. I noticed a student in the back of the library with their headphones on singing a little loud to what had to be one of their favorite songs. As I looked over to where the comfy chairs were by the window I noticed few people all spread out laying down sleeping. In the corner of the library there were a group of students doing their Calculus homework together. They seemed to be getting very frustrated on one of the problems as they got louder going through how to solve the problem.
For a while, I sat there quietly trying to listen for any sounds going on around me. There was a girl in the back of the library laying on the fluffy couches flipping through the pages of her Psychology textbook studying. As I looked out the window to Main Street I could hear the bell ringing outside the library right around 3:15 pm. Over by the front of the library, a girl walking in loudly walked by with the loud smacking sound from her flip flops. As I sit at my table quietly listening for more sounds I come to a point where it was very quiet. Then all of a sudden in the front of the library, a pretty petite girl wearing a candy apple red dress sneezed really loudly making everyone leap from their chairs.
Also as one of the football players walked on his way to class I could hear the sound of his keys jiggling as he walked by. The loud clicking of one of the librarians heels on the hardwood floor. Over at the computers I heard the hum of a bulky, muscular wrestler listening to music. The library seemed to be the place to go and study on a day like today.
I decided I wanted to change the location of where I was sitting so I could get a feel for what was going on the other side of the library. I picked up my notes and book bag, then headed over to the other side of the library where the quiet studying desks are located. When I sat down I noticed that this side of the library wasn’t as crowded as the other side. There seemed to be more people being very quiet and working on any homework or papers they may have to turn in for class this week.
As I sat back looking around and observing I soon started to hear some more sounds. The brushing of someone turning the page of a book at one of the desks behind me. As the speedy girl at her laptop quickly types her paper all I hear is the clicking of the keys. The crunching of a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos being opened over in the right corner of the library. Sitting at the desk to the right of me is a guy struggling trying to write a paper as he sits there loudly tapping his pencil on the table?
In front of the library there are a lot of