Victory of the French Essay

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Victory of the French

Due to the victory of the French, the American Identity isn’t the result that was expected. This victory had a different perspective for the Indians and their custom, culture, traditions had changed.
The French would convert Indians to one of them. The
American Identity now had to adapt to the French culture due to the winning of the war.
The French kept their provinces in North America. The relationship between the
Americans and the French remained with tension.
Sooner or later they would have had to fight the British.
Since the French were the ones who won the war, American Identity was not going to go on as planned. The Indians now had to speak French and adapt to the customs and traditions. The Americans are not able to have the rights they were eventually going to develop and process. The Indians now had to adapt to different customs and traditions in the French culture. After this victory the french were able to gain more land.
The Indians eventually would join the British and declare war on France for profit. Also, the French had made the colonist leave the territory.
Religion and government would become a huge significance difference after the win of the war. Now the society would be ran by leaders. The United States would not be able to be successful and probably would not exist. The Celebration on leaders would have be an effect to the American Identity. Instead of celebrating for George

Washington and the success there would be a celebration on the French Leader. The
Language and the reading would now be French instead of English. As a country
Canada had remained in the French hands because it had been lost to the English in the war. The Native Americans fighting in the French side would now have more