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R600- Video Games Essay Response
Alejandro Espina

One of the most interesting facts about Video Games is that at this moment they are already part of our culture. Most of the teenagers around the world including me are gamers, and in my opinion I think there are more helpful benefits than dangerous consequences about it.
On one hand what I think according to the people who are against video games such as Bushman on his “Why do people deny violent media effects” is that they are afraid of new things. However, this is a fact that the older generations also were complained of, and as Peter Gray (2012) said “The same thing happened when Plato used to say that the poetry was harming the youth”. Another interesting fact about Bushman’s article is that he only complains about violent media without good evidences and without saying the benefits about them, which is very biased.
In contrast on Peter’s Grey article “The many benefits, for kids, of playing Video Games” he gives several reasons why video games make kids more likely to develop a better capacity/understanding for learning new things. For example it is proven that kids by playing videogames can choose their own targets which make them more independent, or even smarter, and more successful at the school by socializing with other gamer kids.
On the other hand there is a fact that is very important. Everything on excess is harmful. By saying this on my opinion this is the only consequence I am afraid of, and as