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Critique Report of PMP ‘Video Game Delivery’

Executive Summary
Making a well-developed project plan is an very important part for overall planning, monitoring and project implementation. The purpose of this critic is to analyze its integration, scope, timing, resources, risk, cost, quality, performance, techniques, working approach and the related tools. The key deliverables, major work packages and the related work information will be analyzed in the end of the stage. This report described the scope management of the processes, work performed reference and the evaluation and control of the project developed process.

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The PMP (project management plan) of video game delivery is a plan that use web-based application for video game. It is sponsored by vice president of marketing, Loren Labor. The scope of the project is to rent the internet video game with web-based system. The final total budget of the whole project is about $610,000. The project group predicted that the project is expected to take 1.5 years (18 months) to be completed and $1 million benefits will be bringing into the project after implementation and $2 million in the following two years. The deliverable of the project is the research report, design document, software code, quick response and fast uploading/downloading hardware, online survey and business case to analysis the organization’s value and practicability. The project included the needed resources, web-based system estimate size, working schedule, project risk assessment and negotiation commitments.

In this report, I will focus on the author used planning tools, content that is additional or omitted, work and perform schedule, management method and technical approach, language used, the layout and use-ability and the overall quality of the PMP. In addition to that, I will analysis of key issues consolidated with content of the various theoretical frameworks. The analysis information will comes from the textbook, internet resources and this video game delivery project plan.

Analysis of PMP
According to Agarwal and Dhall (2011), software project management begin with a set of activities that are collectively called project planning. Before the project can begin, the manager and the software team must estimate the work to be done, the possible required resources and the elapse schedule from start to finish. Project planning is part of project management, it relates to plan the use of schedules like Gantt charts and lately report progress in the project management.
In this project introduction section, it provided the project’s name, a brief description of the project, information of sponsor, project member’s information, deliverables of the project and definitions through the project schedule, resources, constraints, customer’s commitment and web-based system capability.
Base on the PMP content which is written by Schwalbe (2014), the introduction has three problems that may confused the stakeholders. The first one is the project name. Schwalbe (2014) state that every project should have a unique name, it can help to distinguish each project and avoids confusion among related projects. The project name-video game delivery, is not very unique and relevant to the whole project. In addition to that, it can also confused the sponsors as a delivery service project. Because of the project deliver popular video game and transfer to global customer online, online video game may be a better choice for me. The second problem is the description of the project. Schwalbe (2014) believes that the description should be written in layperson’s terms. But for me, this project is a little hard to understand. The main goals is not point out in clear sentences, but the rough time and cost is