Video Game Designer Career

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Wanting to be a Video Game Designer getting out of college? The main reason behind becoming one is because normal teenagers like to play video games. Have lots of ideas on how to make games better? . What being in this job may involve is doing video game animations. For example characters, storylines, names ,and objects in the game. To become an Video Game Designer there is a few things that need accomplished first having to graduate high school and then college.But there is a lot still to do! First haveing to find a company that will take a student right out of college.Or make a business. But starting a business is hard it takes lots of money and time. There are some things needed like a major in business and Video Game Designing. The …show more content…
The thought of making that much money out of college is quite intriguing dont you think?
There are some skills needed to be in this field. There is some software programing that will be needed for video game designing. There are some art classes that may be needed so that if someone wanted to create a character the way they want it to look like they could. 3D animation would be one of the classes to take if someone wanted to be a video game designer. Some software classes will be in college not many are in many schools. The schooling to get this job wouldn't be hard at all a few art classes ,and few programing classes and then you could work for a company. In this job there is no dress up unless there is a metting Having the opportunity to have this job would be a dream come true for most gamers . The best part would be having my friends come along with me. love video games want to to be able to create them and design them as a living. The hard part would be making the company. Start out making small indie games and make little money. Then make a bigger game and send it to a bigger corporation. Hoping that they like your game and then produce