Video Game Genres and Creativity Essay

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The research conducted in this article is as creative as its results. The type of research conducted in this experiment is a correlational study. Certain types of experiments can’t end with one solid conclusion; therefore, a correlational study is used to sort of mind the causal gap, in that it strengthens or weakens a correlational relationship between variables, but it doesn’t determine causality between the two variables. In other words, just because levels of creativity are associated with video games doesn’t mean that video game play depicts creativity.
In this case, the researchers wanted to determine if there was a correlation between several platforms of IT and levels of creativity; which they believed would be highly correlated. The platforms examined were: computer use, cell phone use, the use of the Internet, and video game playing. Researchers used the Torrance Test of Creativity to measure the participants in numerous categories. In a written survey the participants were asked to number the use of the different IT platforms on a scale of 1-7. One meaning no use, and seven meaning everyday for more than 3 hours. For another examination researchers were asked questions about two stimuli, a picture of an egg, and a picture of an elf staring at his reflection in a pool of water. After being exposed to the picture of the egg the participants were asked to add on to it and make it a picture of their own, give it life. They were then asked to name the picture and write a story revolving around the picture. After being exposed to the second picture of the elf the participants were asked to analyze it in a specific order; Questions, Causes, and Possibilities. They were to write out all questions they needed answered in order to fully understand what is happening in this picture and setting. Next, they were asked to list possible causes as to why this is happening in the picture. This could be anything prior to the event, or emotions that the elf in the picture is feeling, which causes him to stare at his own reflection. Lastly, they were asked to list possibilities as to what will happen in the future. This could be something that will happen a split second after the photo, or something that will happen to the elf-like character tomorrow. The participants were scored on a 3-point scale according to levels of creativity, the amount of interesting and relevant answers were quantified as well.
To measure creativity in video gaming, researches sorted 205 video games into the seven popular video game genres: Violent, Action-Adventure, Racing/Driving, Sports, Interpersonal, and Other. As expected there was a relation between the forms of IT and the amount of creativity, though video games seemed to be the platform in which the most creative people indulge themselves. There were no gender or racial differences in amount of creativity, nor was there a difference amongst different types of video games. The use of the other platforms