Video Game Stereotypes

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The sound of a gun echoes throughout the room as he pulls on the trigger. A woman crumples to the floor dead due to the bullet that went straight through her chest; the man that shot her felt no remorse. He only pulled the trigger of a XBOX controller, and no-one really got hurt, except for an NPC (non-player character) that is programmed to die. A common stereotype brought up against those who enjoy the appeal of video games are that the violent games contribute to violence in society. The stereotype is that by playing so many violent games, especially now with so many games with more realistic graphics and more blood and gore that it is influencing the many that play these games into becoming violent people, violent people such as murderers, terrorists, rapists, and more. This stereotype is ultimately false as proved by many on-going studies, and research, that prove otherwise. With these many different studies, it is hard to believe that people still insist whole-heartily that violent video games are causing violence in society, when in reality, violent video games do not contribute to violence in society.
Video games are a popular pastime to millions of people all
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Based off the data from a graph that was directly taken from the Bureau of Justice Statistics Website, from the years 1973-2003 as the Playstation 1, Playstation 2, and two of the stations two most controversial games Grand Theft Auto One and Three came out the crimes that were committed where quickly going into a downward spiral. This goes completely against the belief that videogames are causing violence, when the graph seems to be showing the exact opposite results of what most would believe. With the numbers of violence and crime going down with the production and making of games it would lead most to believe that by playing video games it decreases the amount of crime that