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Section 1

1.) The development of new types of organisms from preexisting types of organisms over time known as evolution.

2.) The layers of rock deposits conserved by other layers of deposits called strata.

3.) The process by which individuals that are better adapted to their environment, to survive, and to reproduce; known as natural selection.

4.) A measure of an individual's hereditary contribution to the next generation is called fitness.

Section Review

1.) Explain Darwin's use of the phase “descent with modification” to describe the process of evolution.

As the process of evolution proceeds forward the generation descent with mutations as the fittest survives.

2.) Describe two scientists' idea about geology that influenced ideas about evolution in the 1800s.

George Cuvier spent years reconstructing the appearance of unique organisms from fossil bones. Also, he found many “sudden” changes in the kinds of organisms found in one rock stratum compared to the next.

3.) Explain the difference between an acquired characteristic and an inherited characteristic.

Acquired characteristics would be introduced through natural selection over generations before helping the organism become the fittest. An inherited characteristic is a trait past down from a parent to its offspring and it could skip generations if the trait is not that important to the organisms survival.

4.) In what ways was Darwin an important scientist?

Darwin was an important scientist because his theory on evolution is used all over the science world and his ideas were logical and practical. Also, he discovered new types of creatures and natural selection shown in different types of organisms.

5.)Describe the four parts of reasoning in Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection. Use examples in your answer.

Overproduction is the more offsprings produced so that they can survive to maturity. For example a rabbit reproduces say 2 baby rabbits per litter the parents would reproduce 3 separate times the rabbits would be considered the fittest. Genetic Variation is within a population, individual organisms have different traits such as finches with different becks and colors of survival. Struggle to Survive is individuals competing with each other to stay alive and dominant within a population. Finally, Differential Reproduction is the fittest organism being able to see their offsprings reproduce